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"How do you like your phone?" and other random questions
Matt TNH 1
Okay, so there aren't really any other random questions.  For a while now I've been thinking about making the jump to a smart phone, and having polled my Facebook friends and my lab students, I thought I might as well ask on LJ as well.  So...what phone do you have, how do you like it, and why? [FYI: I'm on Verizon.]

To give a bit more context, I will note that I've heard from both Android people and iPhone people, many of whom were happy to tell me all about the flaws of the type of phone they don't have.  My best interpretation of the consensus was that the android OS seems to be better than the iPhone OS (I actually had someone who is a die-hard Mac user tell me that), but that the most popular/"best" current android phones (at least the ones for Verizon) have even poorer than normal (for a smart phone) battery life.  The Thunderbolt is out now, but before it was released it seemed that the most popular android phone was the Droid Incredible, and I've heard from people that even killing all the battery eating apps they still often couldn't even get through a whole day with one battery charge.  I don't know about the Thunderbolt's battery life, but a) it's expensive, and b) it's too big (from my POV), so I'm not really considering it at this point.  While my computers are PCs, my MP3 players are iPods, and I have a Touch so I should be comfortable with an iPhone, and most people with iPhones who responded to me reported better battery life than the people with Droid Incredibles.  Other options include one of the smaller, not as fancy android phones or a "feature" phone instead of a smart phone.

So...tell me about your phone, LJ peeps.


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I love my iphone. It was my first smart phone (the 3g when it came out - still using it plan to upgrade this year when the iphone 5 comes out <3 definitely don't get a iphone until the 5 since it'll be out in a few months)

It is very simple and easy to use and fun.

That said. I think you should buy andriod vs iphone with an eye to what tablet you will get. If you think you'll get an ipad eventually then get an iphone, or if you want an andriod based tablet then get an andriod.

it's too much of a pain in the ass for the casual user to cross platforms that way (you'll have maintain your music in two different programs or you'll have to use double twist to get your itunes to sync with andriod -- you can't share apps which can get quite expensive fast, and you just will have a less pleasent experience and won't be able to share data etc as easily).

Can it be done? Yes. My cousin is doing it now (android phone and ipad 2) but he doesn't like it and plans to get an iphone 5 when they come out. (Because right now - ipads are the cheapest of the full featured robust tablets you can get without a contract).

If you think you won't ever get a tablet (we're talking in the next 2-3 years) then an iphone will share apps and music and be a breeze to sync up since you're using a touch but that's not to say you can't set everything up on an andriod. Also keep in mind andriod is still a bit buggy and what provider/phone you go with determines how quickly you get andriod updates to like honeycomb or other new versions and that greatly affects the features etc.

Both are good phones with advantages and disadvantages.

I can't afford smart phones so I still have an old Samsung that can play mp3's (with some effort) and take pictures, I barely use it though.

I've heard good things about the Android and Iphone so yeah... can't really help you there. Just pick the one that will last the longest?

Huh. Well, I've had an iPhone for a while, and I fucking LOVE it. I know there's a lot of pros and cons between all the smart phones, but it's fast, reliable, great customer service, perfect for watching vids, and works well as, y'know, an actual PHONE, too. :-)

Good luck!!!

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