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How long have I had this empty blog??
Matt TNH 1
You know, I totally got this lj account to follow fannish things, and I had to look up in my profile info how long ago it was (answer: July of 2005).  My first experience with the whole fandom thing was quite a bit before that, back in the days of Highlander: The Series, and I've since dabbled in X-Men (movieverse), Buffy (one of my all-time favorite shows, but I didn't really get into the fannish aspects), and Harry Potter (and maybe a bit of BSG and Supernatural, plus that foray into Alias Smith and Jones).  In the meantime, I've had at least one RL friend tell me I should be blogging about my Keith Urban road trips (kind of a long story), and another telling me I should be writing a science book for non-scientists (I'm a biologist by training, and I do a bit of fanfic writing for fun).  And now, for the first time in a good while, I've fallen head over heels for a new tv show (White Collar).  So...after all that, why an actual post to my livejournal?  In part, it occurs to me that people often don't want to friend someone whose journal is a blank page.  Also, maybe it will help motivate me to work on the "Five Times Peter Didn't Arrest Neal (and One Time He Did)" thing I've been hoping/trying to write.

Meanwhile, I have no idea if anyone will even end up reading this thing, but at least it won't be this sad, empty space. :-)

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I read this. :)

Your fic sounds like it would be fun. I'd like to read it when you finish.



If I can actually get the thing written, I'll probably post to whitecollarfic. I actually made some good progress on #1 & #3, #2 is sort of there, and I know the premise of #4, but I recently realized that I have no idea what #5 is! Working on it....

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