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What Happens in Burma Clips
Matt TNH 1

In case anyone who actually read my lj reads this before seeing the link elsewhere, the preview clips are up for "What Happens in Burma."  As soon as the preview of this one came on at the end of "Forging Bonds," I was thinking about the scene in that ep where Neal starts to tell Mozzie the ruby is in Burma (right before Mozzie reluctantly gives Neal the tip about Kate.... And with these clips, it just gets even more interesting.

Follow this link to whitecollar_tv entry with links to the clips on youtube

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I was half watching 'Forging Bonds' again last night and this time Neal's discussion of rubies and Burma jumped out at me. I'm not beating myself up on missing it before because, until seeing promos for the next new episode, I had no idea what the story would focus on. ;) It will be interesting to see if the scene with Neal and Moz ends up being significant or just a nice little tease.

*hides from the spoilers* lol ;P

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