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Forging Bonds, Part Deux
Matt TNH 1

So I've been reading a bunch of episode reactions and thinking about them, and I've collected a few more thoughts/observations:

1. One comment I really liked pointed out how Peter ultimately ended up getting Neal for something he did early on.  They weren't able to pin any of his later crimes on him, presumably because he was so good.

1a. That said, I agree with several people who have said that they would have liked it if the epsiode showed us more of Neal's criminal career/more clearly showed us how impressive that career was.  Everything before this tells us it was impressive.  Heck, Interpol was after him.  And by the end of the flashback Peter's whole team is on the case, complete with the big board of Neal.  We get references to the Rafael and carrier pigeons (important for the whatever they were called Manuscripts).  But what's actually in the episode is...underwhelming?

1b. ETA I've since seen some more comments on this, and one good point that came up was that even with Peter offering Neal immunity, there's a lot he probably wouldn't just tell Peter. Since this is Neal's story to tell, it wouldn't be surprising if he left a lot out.

2. I'm wondering how much of the "problem," if one sees the above as a problem with the episode, is that technically the main point of the story Neal is telling is his history and interactions with Adler. That gives the opportunity to show him meeting Mozzie and Kate, since they were both connected to Adler, but what Neal was up to before Adler, and/or the rest of Neal's "career" aren't really relevant to the task at hand.

3. Another comment from the person who talked about #1 above pointed out that it now seems that Neal has immunity for the Rafael.  Interesting.

4. Just because one can never say it too much, Puppy!Satchmo, ftw!!!

5. A few people have made note that Neal really did kind of let Peter arrest him.  And that he more or less went to prison for the opportunity to see Kate again.  What got me, personally, about that part was the sadness of the moment.  When Kate says she believes Neal and that she loves him too, and they kiss (kudos to whoever did the music for that scene), and then she asks how he knew where to find her, and he has the "ahah," moment right before the FBI bursts in...just as they find each other, both physically and emotionally, they are torn apart.  On a second viewing of the episode, I totally felt for them in that moment.

6. Peter and the sucker.  Nuff said.

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Just want to point out that Neal doesn't need immunity for the Raphael. He was tried and found not guilty on that charge (the opening scene in Unfinished Business). He can't be charged with the theft of the Raphael, even if he takes a full page ad out in the New York Times, because of double jeopardy.

Oh, yeah. Forgot about that! Thanks for the reminder. :-) I will plead distraction (I was rewatching nekkid Matty dance in my head, maybe?).

One comment I really liked pointed out how Peter ultimately ended up getting Neal for something he did early on. They weren't able to pin any of his later crimes on him, presumably because he was so good.

I think Peter was likely fixated on the bond forgeries as it was the crime that put Neal on Peter's radar. Although, it was Neal's first big con, he would have also been sloppier in it's execution and he admits selling the bonds when he did was a calculated risk. And given Neal was acquitted of stealing the Raphael, it seems, as time progressed, he was becoming harder and harder to apprehend.

I hadn't thought about the point, where Neal is the one telling the story so some things were not revealed. That's a really good point! :D

Stachmo is the cutest :))) And yes the scene where Neal is arested was sad.

I really need to watch that ep again :)))

I loved Neal in the green shirt. And in the blue shirt. And in no shirt. And in no shirt but with the hat. :-) But I'm still kind of convinced that Puppy!Satchmo stole the show.

Oh, and I just added you as a friend - hope that's okay.

YAY!!!! Of course I don't mind, I've added you too :D

Ahhhh.... yes.... green shirt... no shirt with hat!!!!!! That and the dance moves got to be one of my favourite scenes, lol! Along with puppy!Satchmo :))))

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