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Fic: Going to the dogs...(a.k.a. Promptfest Strikes Again)
Matt TNH 1
So the wonderful elrhiarhodan  is hosting another Promptfest, and for some reason the first two ficlets I've produced have been a Satchmo fic and a Bugsy fic.  Not sure what's up with that.  Not sure what's up generally, since I think the next one may be an Old West AU.  Um, help?

Anyway, the fic:

Title: Broken Routine
Prompt: Satchmo - Nighttime
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Characters/Pairings: Satchmo (with mention of his people and a very brief appearance by Neal)
Summary: Nighttime routines in Satchmo's house :-)
Word Count: 662

There is a routine in Satchmo’s house at nighttime, a comfortable rhythm.  If mom and dad are both home, he can count on dad slipping him “snacks” under the dinner table while mom pretends she doesn’t see, and he knows he’s not allowed on the couch.  Or in the bedroom.  Mom and dad have somehow learned to resist even Satchmo’s best “sad puppy eyes” look as they disappear into their room and shut the door behind them.  Satchmo doesn’t quite know how they do it, but he’s learned to live with it.  And they did get him his own bed.  Which he’s willing to admit is a pretty good place to sleep.  If it’s just mom, and Satchmo is very lucky, he gets to eat dad’s dinner, and sometimes even to sit in dad’s chair at the table.  And afterward mom lets him curl up on the sofa next to her.  Satchmo has a feeling that when dad gets home he pretends he doesn’t know about that, but he doesn’t think dad is really fooled.  Every once in a while, mom is gone for a few days and it’s just Satchmo and dad in the house.  When that happens Satchmo usually gets to meet interesting strangers who apparently cook dinner for dad and bring it to the door.  Satchmo likes meeting people.  And sometimes dad forgets to shut the door, and Satchmo sneaks into the bedroom after dad is asleep.  Dad kicks him off the bed when he wakes up, and gives him the “stern face,” but Satchmo knows he’s not really mad.  There is another bedroom in Satchmo’s house, but it’s usually empty, and it doesn’t even really smell like Satchmo’s family, not like the rest of the house does, so he doesn’t usually go in there.  Sometimes “relatives” come to visit.  Satchmo likes “relatives,” especially the small ones.  They sometimes step on his paws or grab his tail, but they give him lots of tummy rubs and treats, which is good.  Unfortunately, though, at night they go into that other bedroom and shut the door, leaving Satchmo to wander back to his own bed.  Satchmo is used to the routines of his house and his people, so he is surprised one night after he gets back from a walk with dad to find that the door to “the other bedroom” is open, but there’s someone in there.  This is NOT the routine, and Satchmo figures he should investigate.  He sniffs around by the door and he knows that smell – it belongs to “Neal,” who sometimes comes to Satchmo’s house and eats with mom and dad or sits with dad at the table where dad does “work.”  Satchmo likes Neal.  He knows just the right spot for scratching behind Satchmo’s ears, and he sometimes brings Satchmo a new bone to chew on.  But he’s not part of the nighttime routine, so Satchmo pads quietly into the bedroom to continue his investigation.  Neal is in the bed, but his eyes are open, and he turns his head to look when Satchmo comes in.  “Hey, Satch,” Neal says, but he sounds different somehow and his face is wet, and Satchmo can tell he is “sad.”  Luckily, Satchmo is good at helping people who are sad.  He pads over to the bed and pokes at Neal’s hand with his nose.  Neal smiles, just a little, and scratches behind Satchmo’s ears.  Satchmo’s thumps his tail against the floor a few times and then he has an “idea.”  The door was open, after all, and Neal is sad, so Satchmo jumps up on the bed.  Neal laughs, then shakes his head at Satchmo, as if maybe he is going to try to make a “stern face” (which Satchmo figures he won’t be nearly as good at as dad), but instead he just moves over a little to make room, gives Satchmo’s belly a quick rub, and lies back down.  Satchmo watches him until he falls asleep.

Title: What a Little Dog Knows
Prompt: Bugsy - Power
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Characters/Pairings: Bugsy (though it's really more about June)
Summary: Ruminations by a little dog on the nature of power
Word Count: 162

You hear it a lot.  A little dog who “thinks he’s a big dog,” or, “He’s a big dog in a little dog’s body.”  Things like that.  Bugsy knows some of those dogs.  Sometimes meets them when he’s out walking with Mama June in the park.  But that’s not Bugsy.  Bugsy knows he’s a little dog.  But he knows something else, as well.  He knows that power isn’t always about who is the biggest or the strongest, or who barks the loudest.  Mama June has power.  Bugsy may not have the words – he’s just a dog, after all – but if he did, he’d say that she has dignity and poise, that she can command a room without raising her voice.  That she is grace under pressure.  And there is power in that.  And Mama June knows people.  And there is power in that.  And Bugsy?  Well, Bugsy is king of the castle here, and for him, there is power enough in that.

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Cute!! I love the White Collar pooches!

They *are* loveable, aren't they? Thanks for commenting.

Now I wish there were some "White Collar" CATS... :-}

Love WC animal stories. Adored Satchmo comforting Neal.

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