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Seven Days of Self Promotion - Day 6
Matt TNH 1
Somewhere along the line I lost track of this meme and ended up getting stuck at day 5. But I'm back! Aren't you all happy? :-)

Once again, here are the days:

1. Something old
2. Something new - talk about a new fanwork of yours!
3. Something you made for someone else
4. Something you made just for yourself
5. Something for a large fandom/pairing/character
6. Something for a small fandom/pairing/character
7. Something you're just really proud of

I was kind of stuck on #6, since I currently only write in White Collar, and I don't really write many different pairings. But I figure I can link to a few short stories focusing on minor and/or less used characters. There are four ficlets in these two LJ entries, featuring Blake, Satchmo, Neal and June. Feel free to ignore the Neal one for the purposes of this post. :-)

The Blake and Satchmo fics are found here, and the June fic is here (the Neal one as well, but, well, see the comment above).

The description of the fics from my Masterlist:
The stories on these two pages don't have anything to do with each other.  I just had four ficlets (from the Promptfest that was running at the time), and had to split them into two posts.  Probie Blake gets a pick me up from Jones (341).  Satchmo's POV on trouble brewing with Neal (570). A possible future for Neal and Peter (Peter thought he could change Neal - could he?) (675). June is a collector of beautiful things (67 words of sentence fic).


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