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Fic "Repost," a.k.a. look at this lovely art...
Neal - smile
Back around Christmastime, I got a wonderful gift from the lovely kanarek13 who sent me an title illustration for one of my kid!Neal fics. The story was my entry for the 2nd round of "Run the Con," and continued my series (and how on Earth did that happen?) of "Neal has a strange affinity for magical, de-aging objects" stories.

Initially I wasn't using any sort of image hosting site, and then I needed to figure (or find) out how to resize images on my LJ (as just adding it directly gave me a huge image). Thanks to elrhiarhodan for helping with the resizing (and figuring out where the link to the image was).

And thank you so much, kanarek13, for the beautiful art:

And the story is on my LJ here


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