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White Collar - Unfinished Business
Matt TNH 1
So I pretty much suck at actually using my lj to post...mostly I just use it to follow other people and communities for fic and episode commentaries, and so on.  But maybe if I start writing on here occasionally I'll feel less guilty about friending people and them friending me back because there will at least occasionally be something to read on here.  In that spirit...

This was yet another episode I pretty much thoroughly enjoyed.  Either my standards are not terribly exacting (though in most things that is not true) or Season 2 kind of rocks.  Okay, there are other possibilities, but let's not go there for now. :-)

Things I really liked, in no particular order:

1) Neal "yeah, I'm okay" Caffrey at the airplane hanger.  Sure you are, hon.  He talks a good game, but it's good to see these glimpses behind the facade.

2) Moz and his wine, though that is probably largely due to some of Willie Garson's comments (at the Paley, I think?).

3) Okay, fine...Neal as "Mr. Black" black leather.  Just, "Yum."  And while I'm on that subject, did anyone else take note, when they were getting Neal ready to play the Mr. Black role, of how the new anklet has some mechanism for removal (as opposed to all the cutting they did in Season 1)?  Or was that just me?  Granted, I do have a bit of an anklet kink (well, not generally speaking, but when it comes to Neal's anklet, absolutely).  Wait, did I just write that?

4) The fact that Peter and Neal can do monosyllabic banter.  "She."  "No."  "I'm." "Don't" "But" Peter points a finger (hey, that's zero syllables), "Fine."

5) The sequence with Neal and Sara when he shows up at her place in the Mr. Black role.  Just liked it.

6) Peter being all, "That's the bureau's recovery rate, not mine."  And the reaction shot from Sara.

Other random thoughts: I neither loved nor hated the Sara character.  I thought she was interesting enough and worked as far as the plot-line went.  I liked that we got some more Neal background and I didn't feel as if we were getting New!Romantic!Interest shoved at us.  The various character interactions worked for me.  While it's true the actress is a bit young for the character's background, I didn't really notice/think about it while watching the episode.  The occasional phone conversations with Elizabeth make me wish all the more that we could have more of her soon - looking forward to her increased role in the back half of the season.  Where is Hughes?  It's a good thing the bad guys really hadn't ever seen Mr. Black, because he and Neal look nothing alike.  Curious to see where they go with the whole, "Whoops we sent the recording to Sara but then she was "dead" and then we didn't get it back.  Wonder whose car Neal "borrowed'?  I'm sure there's more, but that's what I've got at the moment, off the top of my head.  Looking forward to reading all about what other people thought this week.

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did anyone else take note, when they were getting Neal ready to play the Mr. Black role, of how the new anklet has some mechanism for removal (as opposed to all the cutting they did in Season 1)? Or was that just me?

Not just you. It seems the new tracker is harder to remove. The other one he could have cut at any time. The new one looks far more complicated.

I have no strong feelings either way about Sara. I will say I didn't see any romantic chemistry between she and Neal, but I'm not convinced the writers are thinking of her in that way. I guess I need a Team Alex tee shirt. ;)

Commenting on my own post to add...ANKLET UPDATE ::grin::

From the White Collar writers on their Twitter feed (in response to a comment on the new and apparently more high-tech anklet):
"It's a brand new anklet. This one comes off with a flash-drive-like key card. You'll see more..."

I LOVED NUMBER 4! I think that might be my favorite part. :D



Couldn't find the anklet!kink story, sadly. Sorry!!!

Thanks for stopping by! I'll get the hang of this "actually using the lj" thing eventually, but it helps to have the odd visitor or two.

I think I'm leaning toward 1, 3 and 4, but that could change. Decisions ARE hard. :-)

I shall have to try to come up with some incentive to get someone to write new anklet!kink. ::sneaky look?:: Also, the update on the anklet and how it we'll see more of/about this, huh? I'm intrigued.

Betlated: OMG, WRITE ANKLET PORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ack! I was unclear, I guess. I, um, don't really write porn. ::shuffles feet:: I was saying that I need to come up with an incentive to get *someone else* to write some. Don't know what that would be, or for whom I need to come up with an appropriate gift to get one in return, but that was the idea. :-)

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