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Forging Bonds!!!
Matt TNH 1

So I still don't use this journal all that much - mostly just for the fic I've been writing lately, and I've only done one episode commentary so far, but I just had to had to say something about how much fun this week's episode was, and how amazed I was at the amount of backstory and explanations of/references to things we've seen in the present that Jeff Eastin & Co. managed to pack into an hour. 

We had Mozzie putting wine in an empty bottle, we had Neal getting a hat, Alex's origami, the music box, the Raphael, Jones & Diana, puppy Satchmo (adorable!), the rise and fall of the mustache, Neal & Kate eating pizza and pretending to be in the cote d'azure, and even the truth behind Neal and Mozzie's conversation in By the Book where Neal says that when Peter caught him he wasn't running away, he was running toward something - Kate.  Plus the aesthetic value of Neal painting in the wife beater, Neal wearing that lovely green shirt (and the lovely blue he gets arrested in, and the adorable naked dance + hat.

Honestly, there was so much backstory in there that I think I'll have to watch at least another time or two to make sure I didn't miss anything.  And despite everything we learned, it felt organic, and not just hey, exposition.  Other random thoughts:

- Loved the moment right *before* Neal dancing in the buff - it was a sweet moment between Neal and Kate, and utterly believable

- Because it's worth saying again, Puppy!Satchmo - so cute!

- Neal meeting his Fed.  And giving him the 'sucker.'

- Diana being smart and competent, even back then

- Neal's conversation with Adler after Neal switches the name tags on the table.

- Peter actually getting to arrest Neal, and Neal thanking him because he wouldn't have found Kate otherwise. Nice character moment for both of them.

- Peter and Neal, together, at the end of the episode, figuring out the next move to try to find Adler.

I'm sure there's probably other bits I'm forgetting to mention. 

So...what did everyone else  think?  Friends??

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Diana being smart and competent, even back then

Yeah she pretty much solved the case. And Jones cuffed him. Did not see any of that coming.

Thinking harder, yeah some of the timing is messed up, and I would have liked more on Neal's criminal exploits (I mean, Interpol was after him). But I had a lot of fun watching and liked more than I quibbled with.

But still, go Diana!

I love Jones, but I still feel like Peter should have had the honor.

My initial reaction was seething hate, but I'm warming to it as time goes on. The scenes were too quick, I think, is what it comes down and my biggest problem was that everyone just kind of meandered into everyone else at the same time - no history, no established relationships. Neal just bumped into Alex and Kate, Diana and Jones popped up around Peter.

And yes! You go, Diana!

And yes. Disappointed that the only time we've seen Peter cuff Neal is free fall and it looks as though it will remain that way.

I agree with everything you said! Especially about the moment before Neal dancing in the buff. Absolutely lovely. :-)

Hey! Good to hear from you. Of course Neal dancing in the buff was great (actually in an adorable floppyhair!Neal way), but I really *felt* them together in the bit that comes before it.

How goes school?

Totally agree with you! I really liked the ep :D I was just smilling all the time :)))

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