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I think it's a meme (a.k.a. What the heck is wrong with me?)
Matt TNH 1
So I am still utterly buried in grading - I spent a good chunk of today reading formal lab reports about enzyme experiments, took a short break, and then read through extra credit seminar worksheets. And I still have a ton to do. But I miss my fandom friends, and I miss writing, and so I thought I would maybe try a writing meme in an effort to get the creative juices flowing again (and because I can only grade so many papers at a time before I go crazy).

I really like the time-stamp meme, but I feel like my masterlist is not really long enough to do one. And the drabble meme that's been going around is good too, but I sometimes have difficulty writing to prompts. Thus, I bring you, Doctor Fangeek's Meme Mashup!

My fic masterlist is here. You are welcome to pic a fic from there and give me a prompt relating to that story. Alternatively, you can go with the ever popular drabble meme formula: name of a character + noun (place, emotion, thing, whatever). Or I guess it could be an adjective or short phrase.

Given my writing on demand issues, I would request that if you can, you leave a couple of prompts - this will help me actually give you a fill.

I will do my level best to fill as many as I can in as timely a fashion as I can, but I make no promises as to exactly what will constitute "timely." :-)

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How about de-aged Neal and Halloween?

Obviously this has taken me way longer than expected, though to be fair this 1st story has been this close to being done for probably a week, but I couldn't figure out how to end it until I realized that the end of the 1st paragraph was the end of the story. And then I couldn't find time to actually make that happen.

The fic ended up being ~1000 words, so rather than break it up into multiple comments, I made a separate post to my journal.

Go here for fic

Neal, barstool

Peter, pizza

and now for something weird that just popped into my brain, Neal, cognitive dissonance

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Sigh. I've had this fill just about finished for, IDK, a week or so? But I kept not finding time to actually bang out the last bit. Sorry.

Also, it's ~980 words, so it might barely fit in a single comment with no intro of any sort, and I decided to just make a separate LJ post for it.

Here there be fic.

Neal, lonely
Elizabeth, sleep
Mozzie, parent

I'd say that I bet you thought I'd forgotten about you, but I think I mentioned in chat not that long ago that I was working on this. That said, here is your fill (~900 words so like the last 2 I made a separate LJ post).

Here there be fic!

Sara, Alive


Mozzie, Ice cubes

So I told you I was working on your fill! I thought it would be done sooner, and then I thought I'd maybe finish it during the meet-up in DC, but we ended up doing a bunch of picture prompt writing games, so I didn't work on it then. Sorry for the crazy long wait, and I hope you like it. I ended up writing to Sara, Alive, and after thinking it would be on the short side it came out at ~1800 words.

This way to the fic

A timestamp for "Bad Day at Red Bank"--Peter and Neal, plotting their escape. :D

I know you know I've been working on this for a little while now. The last few weeks at work have been pretty crazy - I'm on a couple of committees, and they got really busy at the same time. But, miracle of miracles, I have finally finished.

It's not the timestamp you requested here, but you know that already. It is the "more of that train ride" that you said you'd like to see in the comments to the original story.

And it's here.

Heee, a bit early for Christmas, but I would love a tiny timestamp to I'll Be Home for Christmas. Just one lovely scene with Neal spending Christmas with Peter and El :P

I missed the Christmas after you posted this comment, and now it's a bit early for Christmas *again*. Hopefully you didn't entirely forget asking for this fic, which is finally done. Turned out a little longer than I anticipated (~3900 words), a bit more than "a tiny timestamp, just one lovely scene." :-)

You can find it here

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